Wednesday, 24 May 2017


A pictorial record of our trip on the River Tawe aboard the 'Copper Jack', exploring the industrial history of Swansea,  which  earned the nickname of "Copperopolis" for its importance as the world capital of the copper industry during the 19th century.

Following an initial visit to the Waterside Maritime Museum, we repaired to another "cultural" establishment, the "Queens Hotel".
Fabulous beef and ale pie.

 Still standing and getting ready to board the "Copper Jack".

Safely aboard and ready for embarkation. Note Elfryn, our Landlord of the "Stag Inn", immediately testing the liquid refreshments on board. More on Elfryn in the next picture.

Outward bound and safely out of harbour.  To the left you will see "the wall that Elfryn built". It was during his time as an engineer with Swansea City Council. Was it a one-handed job with a glass in the other! Must have been a navvy on the canals in his previous life.

This is Roger, our host and guide for the trip.
A font of knowledge and not a note in sight. Remarkable memory.

These two chimney stacks are all that's left of the many that stood during the heyday of "Copperopolis".

The end of the outward journey. In the distance is the Liberty Stadium, home of the legendary Swansea AFC. Following a heart stopping end to the season , the "Swans" staged a heroic performance to secure their first division status.


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