Wednesday, 26 June 2019


This year's annual excursion took us to Cardiff for a trip on the River Taff prior to lunch at the El Puerto Brasserie, Penarth Quay.

Refreshments before boarding the Aquabus

             Cruising the River Taff


Approaching Penarth Quay

View of Cardiff Bay from the barrage
View of  Somerset coast from the barrage

Going to El Puerto for a welcoming lunch


Wednesday, 10 April 2019

'AN EDWARDIAN MAID' 09 April 2019

Dressed in period costume, storyteller and actress, Debra John entertained us for a second time as an Edwardian Supervisor Maid in a big house somewhere in the country.

Interviewing prospective candidates, she guided us through a typical day in the house, which didn't seem to have a beginning or an end! She gave tips and inside information on exactly what each occupation entailed.

Just in case we were thinking of taking up employment, it was made clear that the best job was that of a footman! They had their uniforms supplied, complete with braiding, silk stockings and shiny buttons as a sign of wealth of the owner of the house. Footmen accompanied the family on visits to other houses and enjoyed a good lifestyle.

Not so good was being taken on as a 'tweenie'. Fresh from school learning the ropes, they had to start work at 5 am before the other servants or the family surfaced, and worked until the last person had gone to bed.

As  well as the duties, she pointed out that servants had to be knowledgeable about the social standing and pecking order of each family member, visitors and other dignitaries.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


This was John and Rosemary Blythe's second visit to our society, and we had no idea what to expect from their presentation of 'Mechanical Music'. It turned out to be a memorable evening absorbing the history and listening enthralled to the music emanating from these musical marvels of sound and engineering.

These machines first appeared in the 16th century with wind/reed instruments very much like an organ and evolving into metallic cylinders and discs and punched cards. They concluded with the invention of the horn gramophone playing shellac discs that evolved into our modern plastic records.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Mr. Dafydd Llywelyn, Dyfed Powys Police And Crime Commissioner gave a flowing speech, firstly describing his own background and journey through life up to his appointment as Commissioner. He is clearly a local man with a passion for improving the lives of the people of Dyfed Powys. His family have been active locally in politics for many years and his fifth child is named Gwynfor after his wife's grandfather. Gwynfor Evans being the first Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament and elected in Carmarthen in 1966. Mr. Llywelyn described his current family and the trials and tribulations that he experiences, like many other parents and how that influences him in his work.

He then described the nature of his work and the boundaries of his roles and responsibilities and how they sit alongside and adjacent to the responsibilities of the Police and the Chief Constable. He conveyed the personal and professional integrity that he holds and the commitment to improving the quality of life for residents of Dyfed Powys was clear throughout. 

Following the Commissioner's presentation, his captivated audience engaged in a questions and answer session. Evidently, his talk enlightened and expanded the members' knowledge of the role and responsibilities of the Crime Commissioner.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Under the W.I's Green Project, and with their kind donation, a Community Tree Planting took place at Parc Elin Mair involving the W.I., the Heritage Society and the Primary School.

The original Jubilee Oak which unfortunately failed to flourish was replaced with a new native Oak.

A Silver Birch was planted to commemorate the fallen of the Great War, and a selection of trees were planted around Parc Elin Mair

In attendance were our local M.P. Nia Griffiths; Councillor Jim Jones; Officers of the W.I., the Heritage Society and Staff and Pupils of Five Roads C.P. School

Following the planting, the W.I. provided tea and cakes. Also a brief talk on the environment and the importance of today's planting was given to the children by the Heritage Society's Chairman, Bryan Hitchman.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019


On a cold, wintry evening, yet in the warm, hospitable surroundings of The Stag Inn, Jamie Palmer from Burry Port gave an illustrated talk on the history of the Welsh Bible. He brought a small sample of the larger collection of rare Welsh Bibles, of which he is the custodian.

Included was the 1567 William Salesbury translation, and a 1588 first edition of the William Morgan Bible

It was a very special privilege to see and handle (with great care) these invaluable and significant publications, and to hear of the enthusiasm of those who produced them

Jamie explained how people were inspired by their faith to provide Bibles which would be understood and read by the plough boy as well as the preacher. He also highlighted that many such people had links with Carmarthenshire, a number having been pupils at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen, among them: Griffith Jones, founder of the Circulating Schools; Thomas Charles, who provided Mary Jones with her own Bible thereby inspiring the foundation of the British and Foreign Bible Society; and Peter Williams, who in 1771 published the first Welsh Bible in Wales.

It was clear from Jamie's presentation that the Welsh Bible has been central to the spiritual, social, cultural, educational, political and linguistic development of our nation, and should be celebrated as such.

Sunday, 2 December 2018


First of December saw our Christmas Lights Festivities in 'The Stag' car park.

Following the success of last year, this year saw an increased number of visitors. Entertainment was provided by Crwbin Brass Band, and stalls provided burgers, hot dogs and mulled wine.

Afterwards everyone repaired to Five Roads Square for the lighting up by our guest of honour, Captain Winston Thomas. There followed a superb firework display and singing of Christmas carols.