Thursday, 27 October 2016


On Tuesday, 18th October, more than 20 members of the Heritage Society met in the Stag , Five Roads, where we had a talk given by Mr Wyn Williams, the retired Chief Education Officer for Carmarthenshire. The talk was entitled: “Context, Cameos, Questions: glimpses of Wales in the later Middle Ages, as seen through the eyes of a rebel, a nobleman, a mercenary and a foreigner, and retold through the words of a retired teacher, adviser, education administrator and lapsed historian”. This was a journey through Wales focussing on the period 1284-1485, an entertaining and illuminating canter through these formative years in the history of our nation. Wyn is an exceptional communicator and gifted raconteur; his experience of dealing with politicians and educators through the years shone through. Our individual and collective historical knowledge was enriched by him; in addition, we enjoyed the hospitality of the staff and landlord of the Stag.

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