Friday, 6 March 2020


2022 marks the bicentenary of the founding of Capel Clement, the first non-conformist chapel in this locality. Subsequently demolished and resurrected at Rehoboth Chapel, part of its commemoration is to survey the graveyard.

Undertaking this work is our esteemed former Secretary, Tim Day. After many, many months of meticulous, painstaking and indeed emotive labour, this project is nearing completion.
There is much more work to be done, but in the meantime here is a brief taster of the findings of this important aspect of our heritage:

  • 25 rows of graves, 302 graves & 674 names commemorated;
  • 174 burials in the 19th century, 323 in the 20th and the remainder since 2000;
  • 91 are children under the age of ten:
  • grave of the police informer that led to the arrest of Dai'r Cantwr at the Plough and Harrow Inn.
  • Graves of the men killed in mining accidents at  Trimsaran Colliery.
Each headstone contains the stories of so many people from our community over a two hundred year period giving a hint to tragedies, epidemics and heart-breaking deaths of young children.

This comprehensive survey, to include photographic images of the graves will be uploaded to the 'Heritage Files' on our website and will be invaluable to residents, former residents, near and far  and those wishing to enquire into their families' history.

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