Monday, 21 October 2019

'ELDON IN THE USA, 1956. 15 October 2019

We were entertained for the third time by the Rev. Eldon Phillips who gave us an account of his travels in the United States of America.

Eldon's father took part in a teaching exchange programme with another teacher from the United States. 

So, at the tender age of age of six years, Eldon was off to the  US of A.

This was the iconic time of the birth of Rock 'n Roll, spearheaded by Jerry Lee, Chuck Berry and of course Elvis the Pelvis.
Staying initially in Detroit, he was goggle eyed staring at those enormous gas guzzlers, Fords, Chevrolets and the wing-swepped Cadillacs. His father was fortunate to drive the family to L.A. in one of them. Sin City was then awash with one-armed bandits. He also experienced his first taste of 'Coca-Cola'.

We eagerly look forward to the Reverend's next visit.

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