Wednesday, 10 April 2019

'AN EDWARDIAN MAID' 09 April 2019

Dressed in period costume, storyteller and actress, Debra John entertained us for a second time as an Edwardian Supervisor Maid in a big house somewhere in the country.

Interviewing prospective candidates, she guided us through a typical day in the house, which didn't seem to have a beginning or an end! She gave tips and inside information on exactly what each occupation entailed.

Just in case we were thinking of taking up employment, it was made clear that the best job was that of a footman! They had their uniforms supplied, complete with braiding, silk stockings and shiny buttons as a sign of wealth of the owner of the house. Footmen accompanied the family on visits to other houses and enjoyed a good lifestyle.

Not so good was being taken on as a 'tweenie'. Fresh from school learning the ropes, they had to start work at 5 am before the other servants or the family surfaced, and worked until the last person had gone to bed.

As  well as the duties, she pointed out that servants had to be knowledgeable about the social standing and pecking order of each family member, visitors and other dignitaries.

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